Hi, welcome to Cultural Cumbria!

Sharing ideas about local culture, digital creativity and well being.

Cumbria – wow! Not only an area of natural beauty, but also a rich cultural landscape filled with amazing arts, beautiful crafts and stunning heritage sites. It definitely doesn’t seem fair to keep this all to ourselves!

At Cultural Cumbria, we want to help share these amazing treasures by working with local creatives and curators to help create online customer journeys that, not only excite, but really inspire their visitors, members and audiences.

Launching in August 2020, at a time when Covid 19 lockdowns are still very much in evidence, may seem a strange time to choose to start our journey – but, as pressure builds on the arts and cultural sector to “embrace digital” and quickly get their staff up to speed with a whole range of technologies, we wanted to play our part in helping to make sure the voice of the customer is heard across this dynamically evolving digital cultural landscape – whether that be on a website, across social or from within a 360 virtual tour!

So hold tight, as we set off on our journey together as we explore how UX (User eXperience) theories and creative digital technologies can be used to create world class customer journeys that really showcase our amazing local art, creative talent and culture.

What is important to us

As you get to know us, we hope that the things we believe in become clear, but just to make sure, we’ve jotted down some things we value:

Putting People First

By getting out and exploring Cumbria’s culture from the visitor’s perspective and then sharing our experiences online, we hope to encourage more people to realise that art and culture is for everyone and that sometimes amazing creativity and beauty can literally be just around the corner.

Inspiring and Innovating

What’s not to love about art and culture? The trick is to find what works for you. By videoing and photographing all of our cultural journeys in interactive 360 virtual images, we hope to make Cumbria’s wealth of creativity and cultural accessible to everyone and also to inspire people to set out on their own Cumbrian cultural expedition.

Building Trust

Our aim is to become an active and trusted member of our local arts and cultural community, supporting customers, curators and creatives!